History of the Ocean Pride PZ134

This photo shows the counter-stern lugger, PZ 134 Ocean Pride, being built at Henry Peake's yard at Tolcarne, Newlyn in 1919. She was originally designed to be 50' when built by the Peake brothers, but after they fell out it was cut back to 42', the length one of the brothers could afford. She was built with an engine and a foremast stepped in a tabernacle and was one of two known counter-stern luggers in Mousehole.

Another great photo of the Ocean Pride under construction at Henry Peake's yard in Tolcarne, Newlyn. It was forwarded to the project by Tom Child's, son of the previous owner, Ian Childs.           

The Brownfield brothers of Mousehole originally commissioned the Ocean Pride while they were fishing with the herring fleet at Whitby. On their return they realised that she was much too big, so six frames had to be removed from the central section and the stern brought in. As a joke, 'in case they changed their mind again' the extra length keel was left in place till she was ready to launch. She operated, not as a trawler but a long liner and a pilchard driver.  

PZ 134 Ocean Pride was registered in 1920 and originally based in Mousehole. With a crew of six she actively fished from Mousehole, Newlyn & Hayle, her owners were as follows;          

23rd June 1920 - Joseph & Richard Brownfield of Wesley House, Mousehole.

22nd October 1928 - Joseph Brownfield of Duck Street & Janie Brownfield of Wesley Square.

9th July 1937 - G B Pezzack of Mill Lane, Mousehole & Mary Ann Tripp of Garris, Gulval, both trustees of Mr & Mrs J Brownfield. Skipper from 19th October 1945 was George Pezzack. The following photo was taken in Mousehole in 1940.

13th April 1948 - Mrs Jean Herds & Joseph Charles Brownfield (Skipper) of Mill Lane, Mousehole.

31st August 1953 - Edward Charles Downing (Skipper), grandfather of Coxswain Patch Harvey, of 2 Boase Street, Newlyn.

18th January 1971 - Thomas Bodilly Simons (Skipper) with Ian Prestage Childs. This photo shows the Ocean Pride when she was fishing out of Newlyn - one of her owners, Ian Childs, is standing on deck.

16th December 1973 - Ian Prestage Childs. Under Ian's ownership the Ocean Pride also fished out of Hayle. Here she is in St Ives Bay           

PZ134 Ocean Pride steaming into Hayle on a sunny afternoon in the early 1970s with the Dynamite Warehouse on Lelant Quay in the background.

The following two photographs were taken at Lelant Saltings in the 1980's when the Ocean Pride was owned by Ian Child's. It shows local shipwright, Nim Bawden, caulking her bottom.

Traditional caulking on wooden vessels uses fibers of cotton and oakum (hemp fiber soaked in pine tar). These fibers are driven into the wedge-shaped seam between planks, with a caulking mallet and a broad chisel-like tool called a caulking iron. The caulking is then covered over with a putty, in the case of hull seams, or else in deck seams with melted pine pitch, in a process referred to as paying, or "calefaction".

Decommissioned in 1991 and bought by Leslie Rowe of the Dock Inn, Penzance. She was then moored in Penzance wet dock and regularly seen in Mount's Bay, the Scillies and at many maritime events.

A picture of the Ocean Pride was painted by local maritime historian Clive Carter. It could be seen on the gable wall of the Dock Inn, Quay Street, Penzance, a pub once owned by Les Rowe, previous owner of PZ134. There is another painting of the Ocean Pride on Branwells Mill, Penzance.

At the end of November 2016, Penlee Lifeboat Coxswain Patch Harvey, located the Newlyn built counter-stern lugger, PZ 134 Ocean Pride, at a boatyard in Rye Harbour, Sussex. She was obviously in desperately need of some TLC and a full restoration.

Patch made enquiries with the Ocean Pride's current owner, Matthew Wall, who very kindly offered to hand her over free of charge.


This wonderful old girl which was once owned by Patch's grandfather, Ted 'Chuggy' Downing deserves to be saved and brought back to life.


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